The Advocacy Strike Force – a little goes a long way

As was outlined in the May 10th Advocacy Alert, a small group representing the College’s Advocacy Council, along with the Academy's executive vice president, and Capitol Associates' Bill Finerfrock,  participated in a number of important meetings in Washington, DC last Tuesday. As a group, we met with key policy makers and influencers, including the President’s health advisors at the White House, CMS, the Pew Trust, and lead staff for Congressional Committees. The concept of a smaller group (The ACAAI Strike Force) working together goes back to 2011– with the thought that a smaller, focused group of experienced advocates may have a greater impact than larger, less experienced groups. Mr. Finerfrock’s 40 years’ experience and contacts on the Hill allowed us to meet directly with decision makers and influencers on such important issues for our specialty as USP, FDA, CMS policy on MUEs, NIH funding and more.

In a small group setting, we were able to establish a dialogue with key decision makers in meetings which lasted up to an hour,  instead of just delivering a 10-minute pitch to a Congressional staffer. This allowed for the articulation and understanding of the true issues that concern us and help to establish ongoing communication channels over months to years. Membership surveys consistently rank advocacy as one of the most critical areas for the College. Please continue your support.

James L. Sublett MD, FACAAI
Executive Director of Advocacy and Governmental Affairs