The ACAAI’s Nationwide Asthma Screening Program is an important public service campaign to help people across the country breathe easier. The program identifies suspected asthma, nasal allergy and EIB sufferers and refers them to allergists for diagnosis and treatment. Nearly 150,000 adults and children have been screened.

By conducting an asthma screening program in your community, you play an important part in the College’s nationwide effort to raise awareness about asthma, allergies and EIB and the role allergists play in treatment of these diseases.  

The NASP campaign is supported by Teva Respiratory. Ask your Teva sales representative to work with you on your screening.

To participate in NASP, fill out a coordinator's registration form to let us know you plan to participate, and once your dates and place are secured, send in the final location confirmation form. To participate in the 2018 spring/summer program, send in your interest form by May 31. For the fall/winter program, forms are due by Aug. 31. If your screening is open to the public, we’ll post your screening online where they can find it.

Then, we’ll email you a link to our electronic toolkit, which has everything you need to make your screening a success. Print your own participant registration forms, and customize your own publicity posters, fact sheets, fliers, FAQs and more. A representative from Teva will deliver a kit of promotional banners to your office, and if you want, they can provide you with printed materials for your screening as well. The only thing you need to bring is your own spirometry equipment.

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